Park Model Lifestyle

Who enjoys the park model lifestyle and their activities

What’s the park model lifestyle like? The RVIA surveyed park model buyers and discovered that while they come from all walks of life, there are nonetheless several important similarities among them. Park model owners are:

Active. Despite the fact that the majority of park models are used as seasonal vacation dwellings, park model owners aren’t your “stay home” types — not when there’s hunting, fishing, hiking and other exciting activities to engage in. Also popular among park model owners? Boating/water skiing, bicycling, birdwatching and even antiquing, gardening and dancing.

Drawn to beautiful vistas. Owners set up their park models across a variety of terrain, including:

  • Lakes (45 percent)
  • Hunting and fishing areas (39 percent)
  • Commercial recreation/theme park (29 percent)
  • Mountains (21 percent)
  • Ocean (17 percent)
  • Desert (16 percent)
Beautiful vistas

Satisfied. 97 percent of park model owners planned to recommend the park model lifestyle to friends and neighbors. They’re also very happy with the purchase process — with “information obtained prior to purchase” and “delivery and set-up” pulling in high satisfaction marks of 9 out of a possible 10 in both categories.

Where they want to be. Some park model owners set up their dwellings relatively close to home — less than 50 miles away — but nearly a quarter of them set them up more than 1,000 miles away from their primary residence.